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Todd Lubar Explains Current Real Estate Trends in Baltimore

Baltimore is known as the Charm City, and it is certainly full of charm as far as young professionals are concerned. While it may seem like Baltimore is losing numbers in terms of total population, it is actually doing amazingly well with the younger demographic and is projected to continue along that path. The rate at which the economy continues to rebound will factor heavily into how far we see this trend play out down the road.

Given the strong presence of young professionals in this city, there is high demand for more apartment options. There have been some major developments in which real estate developers and their teams are turning older buildings into refurbished and hip living options for city residents. This has produced a large number of apartment and condominium options.

Baltimore seems focused right now on improving and expanding public transportation. This will go far in making the city even friendlier to those who work and want to live downtown. Some are projecting that this will even grow the greater metropolitan areas at a faster rate because more suburban dwellers will be able to access the city for work without having to pay for parking as an added expense.

The business community is starting to blossom in Baltimore. There have been plenty of initiatives across the state to improve the business environment for companies looking to relocate and those considering opening their doors. This has filtered down to the city level, where start-up companies are already doing quite well. Baltimore has gained a favorable reputation in the business community in recent years for being very supportive of new businesses and attracting top talent from the surrounding areas to help grow the companies.

Cost of living is not expected to rise significantly in the city, which will help make it a more palatable option for those unable to afford a Washington, D.C. lifestyle. However, the new housing developments for young professionals will include more amenities than lifelong city residents are probably used to. Real estate developers are now catering to a younger crowd that expects to be able to work and play in relative proximity. There is a strong push to keep young professionals engaged in their city communities by providing quick and easy access to fresh restaurants and luxury shopping. Even though these options are slated to spring up around the newer housing options, there are still plenty of affordable options for families and solidly middle-class residents. The diversity of housing options is one of the major reasons that developers are not overly concerned about statistics showing an overall decline in the number of permanent residents inside the city limits.

Todd Lubar’s Impressive Mark on the Real Estate Industry

Todd Lubar has been involved in some capacity in the real estate market in Maryland for more than two decades. He also has a background in credit and finance, which puts Lubar in a great position to help those on both sides of the equation in their next real estate deal. Currently, Lubar serves as the President of TDL Ventures and is focused on expanding the company to new levels.

Lubar also owns and operates various companies related to real estate, including a demolition company. He relies on a strong background in sales as one of the top mortgage originators in the nation to keep improving his bottom line. Lubar has always been passionate about business and helping other sin his community. He looks forward to expanding his presence in the Baltimore area as a business owner and community volunteer.

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